Donkade at Underdonk

Donkade at Underdonk
this piece of mine is up for bidding to support the wonderful artist space Underdonk in Brooklyn. They have put on some great exhibits for a decade now.

Sol halo. 2022, steel, copper, paper, graphite, gouache, acrylic and oil, 8 x 7.5 x 3 inches 

Happy to be part of LIBRARY at TV Projects

Happy to be part of LIBRARY at TV Projects


Group Show

Curated by Glenn Goldberg

OPENING May 7th, 4 to 7 PM

On view until June 18th, 2023

With Peter Acheson, Bill Adams, Eric Aho, Yasi Alipour, Joan Bankemper, Pedro Barbeito, Benn Barron, Atom Benjamin, Louis Block, Bettina Blohm, Ewelina Bochenska, Adam Boothman, Michael Brennan, Ben Browne, Tom Butter, Janice Caswell, Wells Chandler, Juan Angel Chavez, Nancy Cohen, Liz Collins, Jim Condron, Guy Corriero, Jonathan Dedecker, Jared Deery, Mary Devincentis, Carol Diamond, Josh Dorman, Angela Dufresne, Klay-james Enos, Chris Esposito, Travis Fairclough, Caroline Falby, Eva Faye, Rosabel Ferber, Dan Flanagan, Mary Flinn, Dana Frankfort, Laura Frantz , Bruce Gagnier, Ashley Garrett, Deborah Garwood, Andrew Ginzel, Judy Glantzman, Cora Jane Glasser, Glenn Goldberg, Brenda Goodman, Matt Greco, Larry Greenberg, Floor Grootenhuis, Elizabeth Hazan, Cody Herrmann, Vica GH Hicks, Erin Hinz, Elizabeth Hoy, Amy Jacobs, Jason Karolak, Steve Keister, Emmet Kerrigan, Ben King, Anki King , Benjamin Klein, Hilary Kliros, Osamu Kobayashi, Willie Kohler, Nic Koller, Bill Komoski, Nick Lamia, Lori Lash, Maskull Lasserre, Jim Lee, Marta Lee, Cristobal Lehvt, Elisa Lendvay, Ginger Levant, Jill Levine, Leonora Loeb, Matthew Logsdon, JJ Manford, Marcus Manganni, Chris Martino, Amy Mascena, David Mcdonough, Tom Mcglynn, Leeza Meksin, Shari Mendelson, Anthony Miler, John Mitchell, Tyrone Mitchell, Nicholas Moenich, Jeffrey Morabito, Cy Morgan, Emily Nam, Keiko Narahashi, Matt Nolen, Peter Park, Alix Pearlstein, Marsha Pels, James Prez, Benjamin Pritchard, Lucy Pullen, Erika Ranee, August Ravn, Nora Riggs, Hanneline Rogeberg, Rory Rosenberg, Mason Saltarrelli, Jonathan Sanchez Noa, Katia Santibanez, Aparna Sarkar, Greg Sholette, Gyan Shrosbree, Jim Shrosbree, Adam Simon, Ed Smith, Gerry Snyder, Elisa Soliven - Gerber, Jairo Sosa, Clintel Steed, Amy Talluto, Dannielle Tegeder, Julie Torres, Tsailing Tseng, Erin Turner, Nicola Tyson, Katharine Umsted, Rosa Valado, Arleene Correa Valencia, Pedro Felipe Vintimilla, Tomas Vu, Sarah Walker, Jessica Weiss, Jess Willa Wheaton, Tommy White, Daniel Wiener, Boyuan Yang, Becky Yazdan, Debra Zechowski.

Tappeto Volante proudly announces a group show featuring the works of 138 artists curated by The Bronx-born artist, musician, and Professor Glenn Goldberg.

Library is an exhibition and site-specific installation of works made on hard-covered books, exhibited alphabetically on bookshelves placed on the perimeter of the gallery walls. 
The project stems from the comune interest of Tappeto Volante founders and the curator in building and supporting the art community, sharing stories, inspiring reflections, generating social capital, and strengthening the heterogeneous, multicultural, cross-generational, multidisciplinary art network connected to our practices as gallerists, artists, and curators. 

Library group show will mark the end of Tappeto Volante's second year of activities opening a new season. It aims to renew our values by using contemporary art and mutual experiences to connect people, cultivate creativity, and catalyze curiosity. The artists invited generously offered the works at an affordable price providing an opportunity for art lovers and young collectors with contained budgets to acquire the artwork at a fair rate, to engage, enrich and connect our community through the power of art.

Text by Glenn Goldberg:
Library is an experiment designed to bring together a collection of books and people. 
A group of artists was invited to do two things: select a hard-covered book and remake/edit its cover. Inside these seemingly simple requests live wonderful possibilities. 
Central to this project is the idea of honoring books, their necessity, and their meaning in our lives. 
We anticipate an energetic result full of surprises!
Huge thanks go to all of the participating artists, Paola, Johnny, and the team at Tappeto Volante.

Please join us!

Glenn Goldberg
Spring 2023

I'm happy to have a few sculptures in this fabulous exhibit of local and area artists at KIPNITZ gallery!

I'm happy to have a few sculptures in this fabulous exhibit of local and area artists at KIPNITZ gallery!
Joel Chace, Steve Clorfeine, Tatiana Conover, Dennis Degraw, Lara Fassler, Caroline Fay, Bill Glass, Donna Hamilton, Flora Hogman, Mary Jeanniton, Heidee Johns, Elisa Lendvay, Alejandro Mazón, Jim Napierala, Amy Neice, Lindsay Nolin, Colleen O’Hara, Gia Sabatini and Bernard Seringer Jr.